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Travel, Eat, Cook

I’m Danny Thompson, just another regular Joe, until 5 years ago when my best friend suddenly found himself in the hospital because he was diabetic. There were all sorts of complications, but he survived. It changed his life drastically, but it also changed my life too. I realized the importance of health, family, friends, and just life in general.

Since that milestone in my life, I’ve started to try and get the most out of my life.


I realized that life was too short to keep passing on opportunities to travel. I’ve been wanting to go to so many different places, and as of this moment, I’ve already been to 8 different countries. I’m going to share some photos with you on this site.

SeeTheWorldInMyEyes - Dennis Kopp visiting the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

It’s an exhilarating experience. There is no price you can put when it comes to discovering new things, seeing the real versions of photos you just see on Facebook, and meeting people with the most unique stories. It may bring you farther from your home, but it will allow you to learn more about yourself. Something you can never do when you rely on your comfort zone.

So, my first message for you, Travel!

Eat Well

2008_04_11-CookingBeing young means being free, being free to be who you are, do what you want to do, and eat what you want to eat. So we always fall prey to excessiveness. I love being young, and I want to feel young as long as I can, not just in my head, but also in my body.

You may call it corny, tiring, or just a fad, but I’ve ditched the junk food for food our body actually needs. No, I did not go through any 360 diet, I still eat meat. I target a balanced diet and try to eat as organic as possible.


You’ve heard it time and time again, you need to exercise. The truth is, you’re either motivated to do it, or you’re not. But there are a few out there who aren’t breaking a sweat because they’re uncomfortable in the gym. Good news people, yes, you can exercise even without going to the gym.

Like I said in this article, I travel. I travel a lot, which makes it a little more difficult to maintain an exercise routine, but I try to move around as much as I can. I jog when I can, and there are loads of routines you can do with just a chair, a table, or even with just a mat, lying down on the floor. Quoting Nike here, “Just Do it!

Replace Your Hobby With a Healthier One

You like going out for drinks every night? You know it’s bad for you. Worried there’s nothing else you can do? You don’t have to be, there are so many hobbies you can start that will not only kill time, but will also allow you to live healthier. Have you ever tried gardening? Not the farm type, but the boxed plants type. You know, a tomato here, maybe some herbs… Seeing something with a purpose grow, and knowing you’re responsible for it, is like having a child, a green, fruit/vegetable bearing plant.


Another great thing you can do is to learn how to cook. Other people are afraid this will only lead to more weight gain, but if you cook everything from scratch, you know what’s in it. You know it’s fresh, and therefore, healthier. In fact, I might share some of the recipes I’ve picked up over the years.

So that’s me. I hope you join me in my adventures, cooking, travel and life of health.

Nike Elite Football Socks Review

sock1American football is known to be the most intensive sport in the world. Unlike soccer where almost anything can be worn, American football has its own rules and regulations that every player should follow. One of the biggest rules is to wear appropriate gear and accessories during the game. The basic equipment needed for this kind of sport helps both the player and the team to protect themselves from all possible injuries.

In this review, we will talk more about the features, advantages and disadvantages of Nike Elite football socks.

Nike Elite Sock Review

Nike has been around in the business for decades, and they remained to be the most trusted sports brands in the market. Even if their sporting goods are quite expensive, there is no doubt that it can provide good and high-quality features. Their Nike elite socks have a very strong set of pads that support both the Achilles and Ankles. It gives the player’s feet and ultimate protection during a hard impact situation. The socks also contains multi-density cushioning to soften any impact experienced in the feet.

Moreover, the socks are made of cotton (83 percent), nylon (16 percent), and spandex materials. Each Dri-fit fabric pulls away the sweat to prevent slipping during the game. In addition, the sock contains a dynamic compression to support the calves and to prevent muscle spasm.

There is no doubt that this sock will help players prevent all knee and leg injuries thus helping them to be a more productive player.

Overall, I found these Nike elite football socks to be excellent and comfortable. However, one of its disadvantages is that it lacks protection designed for the toes.  To sum it all up, here are the great benefits of using Nike elite football socks.

  • Pulls the sweat away
  • Help the feet to be dry and comfortable at all times
  • Dynamic arch support

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Legal Steroids

steroid image 3Steroids are utilized for multiple reasons; it becomes important though that one does their full research before taking any. A lot of them can also be extremely harmful to one’s health, so why take the risk? These days there are so many articles and research studies that have been done, to help warn us, so that we can stay away from things that can possible harm our health and not be good for us. This is why today I would like to discuss in further detail what some of these may be. Today, I will talk about what some the advantages and disadvantages are of taking legal steroids.

Let’s start off with what some of the advantages are of taking legal steroids. The very first benefit is that you will start to grow your muscles a lot faster. If you are a person who wants to see fast results and growth in their body after each workout, this may be something that would want to try and take a look at. As it will give you much faster results with half of the effort. This is perfect for those who are wanting to achieve a specific style of body and do not have much time to do so.

A disadvantage of legal steroids is the fact that you can get addicted to them and use them a lot more than you need. You may be addicted to the results and when you should normally stop you will not. Due to the overuse, you will be addicted and it will start to have negative effects on your body, which is why it is vital that you are very careful with each use and get guidance while doing it.

Overall, there are many drawbacks and benefits of these; however I could not list all of them here. The good news is that there have been extensive researches done on this topic, which is why there are many articles and research studies that you can read to help you out and solve this issue. This way you can decide for yourself by weighing the pro’s and the con’s if this is something that you would still like to commit yourself to or not. As there are many more benefits and disadvantages to them, you should have to see which ones are more important to you between the two before getting the best steroids available.


Methods That Men and Women Can Use To Maintain Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Keeping your hair beautiful and stylish can be a tricky balancing act. Hair, similar to nails, is an extension of the epidermis (the external layer of your skin). It is made from protein. With the right method, you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful. So here are some hair care tips to help you maintain your hair.

1. Prepare Avocado-Egg Blend For Hair

Mash an avocado and an egg, then apply to wet hair. Avocados are rich in vitamins, essential fats and minerals that will restore brilliance to your hair. Leave for not less than 20 minutes, and then wash a few times. Repeat the procedure weekly for damaged hair and monthly for healthy hair.

2. Use Botanical Oils To Wash Your Hair

These oils are available at health stores. Jojoba, Olive and Sweet Almond oils all are amazing for hair. For people with thick hair, coconut oil works magic. Moist your hair and apply little quantities of these oils until your hair is covered thoroughly. Cover using a shower cap and warm towel for 30 minutes, then flush, and shampoo like you always do.

3. Do Not Wash Too Much

Giving time your hair before washing will help it maintain moisture and keep it from getting to be coarse and unmanageable. Make sure to dry your hair before going outside – not because you are going to feel cold, but because you are going to prevent hair from becoming brittle and dry.

4. Use Moisturizing Conditioner

For this, use it two to three times each week to eliminate thin hair. Many think that flat hair will be flattened by conditioners, but in reality, using a saturating conditioner a couple of times each week helps hair to block out humidity, which makes the hair flat.

5. Use Styling Gel Accurately images (3)

Here’s the way to get what you want without looking as though you just came out of a grease pit. Place a dime-size dab of gel in the palm of your hand, and then touch a little with the fingertips of the other hand, leaving more gel in your palm. Beginning at the back of your head close to your scalp line, apply the gel from your fingertips to the root region of your hair and proceed until the dollop clears.

6. Use Gentle Shampoo For Oily Hair 

Incidentally, harsh shampoos can lead to the production of more oil because your scalp tries to adjust. Gentle shampoos are therefore recommended for people with oily hair.

7. Use A Humidifier Around Evening Time In Your Room

Particularly in chilly seasons when your warming system most likely keeps the air exceptionally dry, which can dry out your hair.

8. Wrap Wet Hair Delicately In A Towel

Do this instead of just rubbing the towel on your head. The towel is going to absorb the dampness for a couple of minutes as opposed to rubbing. This helps to minimise split ends.

9. Transform Conventional Cleanser Into A Home Grown Experience

This, you can do by blending some drops of essential oils. Dilute a half a bottle of eight-ounce shampoo with water and then add 20 drops of essential oils of lavender.

Get enough minerals, proteins, and vitamins to keep hair healthy. Great hair is about your hair care products. Poor quality products can make your hair look too oily and unattractive. Natural hair care’s gallery displays different hairstyles you may try on your hair.

Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster

You are prepared to conceive. When you are prepared to begin a family, patiently waiting is the thing you don’t want to perform. Even though Mother Nature carries a turn in the timing, there’s something that you can do — or otherwise not do — to increase the chances of you conceiving a child ASAP. Continue reading for seven expert-approved strategies for conceiving a child.

Get a preconception examination

Before you decide to formally begin trying, obtain a checkup. Inquire your physician regarding pre-natal nutritional vitamins which have folic acid, which assists prevent some birth disorders, like spina bifida . Folate functions during the early phases of childbearing, so this is exactly why it is critical to make certain you’re acquiring sufficient folic acid prior to you get pregnant.

Do this routine before you begin trying. If you’ve got any hidden medical conditions, they should be in check before you safely get pregnant.

Understand your cycle pregnancy

Just how much are you aware regarding your menstrual period? Genuinely comprehending can help you know when you are most fertile.. Ovulation is the better time for you to get pregnant. This is the time to pay attention to making love.
It will help to be aware of signs and symptoms of ovulation, like a alternation in your cervical mucous. It always becomes slim and slippery when you’re most fertile. A few women might also feel a one-sided twinge of discomfort.

Don’t be concerned about the ideal positions to get pregnant

Misconceptions abound in regards to the ideal positions when getting pregnant, however they are just that — common myths. There is certainly truly no scientific evidence stating that the missionary position is preferable to the woman being on top with regards to maximizing your odds of generating a baby.

Don’t go crazy

Having sex every single day even during ovulation is not going to essentially improve your likelihood of conceiving a child. “In general, almost every other night at about the time of ovulation speeds up your opportunity of having pregnant. Sperm can survive up to 3 days after sexual intercourse. The very best recommendation is to have sexual intercourse frequently — when you’re ovulation, so when you’re not.

Fairhaven Health continues to be committed to aiding in this procedure by giving an entire product range for trying-to-conceive partners. Their doctor-designed, non-prescription items often function as a secure, organic substitute for costly fertility medications or intrusive infertility remedies. Get Fairhaven Health coupons to get big savings.

Four Skin Care Tips to Achieve Healthy Skin

tipsMost people doesn’t have the time to take care of their skin since they are too busy working. However, there are a lot of simple ways to care for your skin. According to studies, practicing healthy lifestyle choices and caring for the skin can delay the aging process and prevent skin disease and problems.

In this article, we will give you four simple skin care tips to achieve healthy skin. So, read on.

  1. Avoid or Quit Smoking

Generally, smoking is one of the leading causes of death. It also contributes to wrinkles and makes the skin look older since it decreases the blood flow. If you want to have a healthy and firm skin, avoid or if possible quit smoking.

  1. Avoid Prolong Exposure to Sunlight

Another great way to protect your skin is to avoid prolong exposure to sunlight. According to skin experts, you should avoid exposing yourself to sunlight between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. However, if you are working in the field or outdoors, there are still a lot of ways to protect your skin such as using sunscreen with SPF 15 and wearing protective clothes (long sleeve shirts and pants),

  1. Eating Healthy

Eating nutritious food such as fruits, grains, proteins and vegetables can help you look young and healthy. According to studies, eating food that is rich in Vitamin C can protect the skin from all diseases. Also, another way to prevent skin damage is to avoid fatty and oily food.

  1. Avoid Physical and Emotional Stress

Stress can contribute to wrinkles and aging process. To prevent it, avoid activities that can lead to stress. Also, learn how to manage stress to encourage healthy mind and body.

These four simple tips will help you protect and achieve a healthier skin. It can also help you look younger and beautiful. In addition, if you want to use cosmetic products, E.L.F cosmetics can help you achieve a healthier skin. Find the best E.L.F cosmetics promo code to avail special discounts on their products.

How To Tell If Your Makeup Is Really Synthetic

rt synExpert says; if you want to become more beautiful, have the best synthetic makeup brushes. However, in today’s time, there are a lot of brushes to choose from. It is very difficult to recognize if the makeup brush is natural or an authentic vegan makeup brushes. In fact, women got easily upset because their brushes failed to perform well. Sadly, even makeup brushes have fake versions. And most of it contains toxic chemical that can be harmful to our health.

There are brushes made from natural materials. It simply means that the hair or bristles on the brushes were made from animals such as goats, horses, sables and squirrels. These brushes are naturally soft and well-dense. But, in this certain time, many people are against animal abuse. They are the people who don’t eat animal meat and use products made from the skin and hairs of animals. That’s why women who are an animal advocate use synthetic makeup brushes.

There are a lot of cosmetic companies in the industry and they all claim that they are producing synthetic and man-made brushes. However, it is still not a guarantee that most of their products are made from plants and other healthy herbs. That is the reason why you should carefully check and look if the brush is really authentic. So, the big question here is how to tell if your makeup brushes are real and authentic?

The bristles of the make-up brushes should be soft, thick and well-dense. Actually, synthetic fibres are often more compatible to the skin since it is not an irritant. Makeup handles should also be made from plastic. It is also painted to brown or a pitch brown and usually cream to white. There are a lot of companies that produce synthetic cosmetic products now such as The Body Shop, OCC, Urban Decay, E.L.F and the most popular Real Techniques by Sam and Nic Chapman.

Their makeup brushes are 100% synthetic and not tested to animals. It is also made from polyester fibre material. Real techniques by Samantha and Nicole Chapman are known to be one of the best companies that produce makeup brushes. If you want to try their famous, high quality and affordable makeup brushes, find the best Real Techniques Codes to avail big discounts.


Staying Fit Tips

Staying fit and healthy is a hard task. To do this vision and be fit and healthy, you have to eat correctly for proper nutrition, and do both cardiovascular and weight training. Stick to the recommendations below and you’ll begin to see the results you like faster and simpler.

Drink water regularly. Water helps remove metabolic wastes (harmful toxins) and provides you with more energy for the activities. The majority of our body is water which makes sense that you take enough water daily to make sure that your bodily processes are working properly.

Eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. Our body needs a regular meal for fuel. Eating revs up our metabolic process to permit faster body fat loss, keeps the brain sharp, and offers consistent energy during the day. Learn how to eat until you are satisfied and never overfull to ensure that you’re hungry again for your forthcoming small meal. healhty

Avoid sugar. Not simply will sugar help you retain body fat, it may also pave the way for sickness. Try the sweetness of stevia, an all natural plant present in the local health super market. Stevia could keep your bloodstream sugar stable while aiding in body fat loss.

Get the eight essential proteins. Have protein at each meal or food-mix. Consider using a high-quality protein shake.

Eat “raw foods” once and a while. Raw foods are live foods and provide us energy. Choose organic for its incredible taste and also to avoid undesirable pesticide sprays and herbicides which are harmful toxins.

You are different from other person, which means that your dietary needs will also be unique. This is when a dietary counselor will help you create more healthy habits and attractive options which will match your lifestyle.

Call at your health care provider prior to starting any kind of cardiovascular exercise. Obese individuals have a greater incidence of joint trauma when working out jarring motions ought to be changed throughout training.

Every week you need to be involved in a 1-hour walk every single day to keep healthy. After week one, aim 3 to 5 times of cardio exercise 20 minutes to an hour, as suggested by the American College of Sports Medicine. Working out too early following a full meal can compromise oxygen and nutrient delivery for your working muscles. Using supplements can also help you get the needed nutrients you can’t get on your food. Eating healthy is never enough this days. Vitamins and food supplements are more like a necessity for us to keep up with our work and daily activities. You can save on your vitamins and supplement purchases by availing an iHerb coupon. You can use it on their website where you can find a lot of vitamins and other food supplement products.

Why I love Quest Bars

I’ve been munching these scrumptious Quest Bars for days. It’s healthy, yummy and guilt-free. Quest Bars are full of protein, have fewer carbohydrates and junk free. It’s a clear and good way to cheat and makes every day a cheat day!

It’s unbelievable how something this scrumptious could be healthy. They taste so good! It comes down with many different tastes to select from and it’s so hard to tell what are my favorites.

With respect to the flavor, one Quest Bar only consists of 20 grams of whey protein and just 2-7 grams of carbohydrates. They’re sugar-free and gluten-free.

I truly love eating them following a run. I usually brought a lot when I am traveling or in a conference. It will help me resist eating inside a junk food restaurant after I experience hunger. They’re an ideal companion if you’re watching your weight. where to buy quest bars

To create a bar this healthy and attractive, they needed to create another process to make bars. Quest is really revolutionary and uptodate protein bar! This is exactly why you don’t need other protein bars available on the market. Quest may be the first truly reduced carbohydrate bar that does not contain glycerin, simple carbohydrates, sugars or sugar substitutes. Quest Bars would be the one and only bar that you could eat without feeling guilty! You don’t have to feel ashamed for eating such a yummy snack since it’s healthy.

There are many Quest Bar flavors that I love so much. These include the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, and the White Chocolate Raspberry. Other flavors you can try are the  Banana Nut Muffin, Vanilla Almond Crunch, Double Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Brownie, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Cheesecake and a lot more. So where to buy Quest Bars? You can find it in a lot of online stores, but before you purchase make sure you got your coupons.

iHerb Healthy Supplement Company

Many of us find it very difficult to get all the required nutrients that our body needs. That’s why dietary health supplements are made for us. But most of us are curious if why we should take natural dietary health supplements.

Our body need certain amounts of calories, fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, mineral and water. We need to have these six important nutrients in our system each day to maintain good health. We need to consume a healthy and nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables and dietary health supplement with proper dosage to meet the daily requirement of nutrients.

One of the most leading and well-known health supplement company in the world is iHerb. Their main goal is to provide the best value of natural products. They produce natural, organic health supplements since they want to meet the nutritional needs of their clients. Their products are totally safe because it went through several tests to make sure no one gets hurt.

iHerb distributes and sells their health supplements and other health products locally and worldwide. Their business continues to expand and grow. They want to promote health in the whole world through their products. 

Company Overview

iHerb started selling online in 1996. Their first goal is just to promote the benefits of the herb St. John’s Wort. But it didn’t stop there. Since there are satisfied customers want more of iHerb. They researched for an additional herb that has good health benefits.

Today, they are operating with an advanced e-commerce policy in a three hundred plus thousand square foot warehouse, bigger than what they have before. Their features became exciting such fast and quick reordering, on time stock information and a website that contains almost 35,000 products made by different health brands.

What are their products?

They sell different products such as herbs, supplements, creams, lotions, bath and beauty, grocery, kids and baby products, aromatherapy, super foods, sports supplement and also, health products for pets.

They produce nutritional dietary health supplements and other necessary health products anywhere in the globe. Their online company expands quickly; this only shows that their health products have done something good for the health of the consumers. iHerb is very confident that you will get the best quality of health products at a cheaper price.

They also have the best quality of multivitamins. They have included the importance of vitamins and minerals in their multivitamin product. These minerals will certainly defend you from several diseases and illnesses. One good example of it is: Calcium protects your bones. It also protects you from having osteoporosis. Multivitamins are considered to be the most important supplement that must be taken every day, but with the correct dosage.

They sell fish oils and omega-3. Our body uses these healthy fats to make our brain, lungs, heart and eyes healthy. They also sell different kinds of protein supplements because protein is considered to be one of the main nutrients for skin, muscles and bones.

Use a coupon for multivitamins at iHerb. They really know what’s best for everyone.

Quest Bars: A Deliciously Healthy Snack

Quest protein bars is created by quest nutrition team. It is the new renowned protein bar in the market. It captured the attention of many health enthusiasts since their very first production. Quest Nutrition team created unique protein bars that will not just satisfy your hunger, but to help you in most of your health matters. There are a lot of protein bars available in the world, but quest bars is way more delicious and healthy compared to other protein bars. It can help you achieve a healthier and stronger body.

Quest bars was formed from a very humble idea. For them, “healthy food should taste amazing with zero compromises.” They made something that no one has ever done before. They know that with sufficient hard work and innovation, Quest bars will be delicious and worthy for everyone.

Quest bars have a lot of good nutrients, it contains high level of protein, low in calorie, no added sugars, and other preservatives. It is basically a healthy snack bar that is best for everybody. Quest bars are not made just to make a profit. Quest Nutrition team created it for us to become healthy.

There are many health benefits when taking quest bars. It repairs all digestive problems. Quest bars contain adequate fiber content that helps in fixing the problems in the digestive system.  quest bars

Obese people will also benefit from taking quest bars. It supports them to be physically fit. Again, Quest bars contain high levels of protein, fiber and carbohydrates which will help in losing more weight.

Most athletes enjoy eating quest bars. High protein levels are responsible in firming their muscles. They believe that their energy levels will increase by eating quest bars.

Quest bar is very handy. It is considered as the most convenient and the best substation meal in a bar. Its dietary content is very satisfactory that it satisfies all of your sweet cravings and at the same it allows you to eat healthy. As what some people say, “When you eat quest bar, you can always “Cheat Clean”.

Quest Nutrition team made sure that quest bars will be loved by everyone and it fortunately, it happened. Most of quest bar consumers find it very delicious and tasty. They have fifteen flavors available: (strawberry cheesecake, vanilla almond crunch, chocolate chip cookie, white chocolate raspberry and coconut cashew, double chocolate chunk, mixed berry bliss, peanut butter supreme, apple pie, banana muffin, chocolate brownie, peanut butter, cinnamon roll, lemon pie and chocolate peanut butter.)

At present, they continue to produce more healthy and more flavored bars that will make every person happy.

Today, the company claims that they had already sold millions and millions of quest bars. It only shows and proves that there are many people enjoys the delightful taste and the positive health response of quest bars to their body. People can always eat quest bars as many as they like because it also helps them with their fitness objectives.

Quest Nutrition team also offers a Quest bar coupon. If you apply any of their coupons, you will have the chance to enjoy quest bars on a very affordable price.